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Helpful Links

The web links below provide information to homeowners, sellers and buyers, and commercial property owners. Many offer consumer related information, such as product safety and CPSC recalls, as well as specific information on subjects like mold, polybutylene piping, synthetic stucco, and aluminum wiring.



    Chimney and Flues

  • Chimney Safety Alert
  • Chimney Safety Institute of America


  • Aluminum Wiring Information
  • Federal Pacific Electrical Panels
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

    Fire Safety Walls and Doors

  • Fire Safety Doors

    Fire Sprinklers

  • Fire Sprinkler Claims & Replacement
  • Rural Metro Fire Sprinkler Inspections (Scottsdale & Paradise Valley)

    Helpful Links for the Home Buyer/Homeowner

  • About Homes Everything about homes...Under one roof! An Internet real estate library.
  • This Old House
  • Do It Yourself

    Mold and Mildew Issue

  • Guide to Mold

    Organizations and Government Agencies

  • National Home Builders Association
  • National Association of Realtors
  • International Association of Electrical Inspectors
  • FEMA
  • HUD
  • EPA

    Plumbing and Claims

  • Polybutylene Class Action Suits
  • Polybutylene Suit Site
  • Polybutylene Info Site
  • Polybutylene Information (U of A article)
  • ABS Pipe Class Action Lawsuit

    Pool and Spa Information

  • Pool and Spa Articles/Maintenance


  • Roof: Asphalt and Fiberglass Claims
  • Roof: Cemwood Shake Roofing Claims
  • Faulty Plastic Heating Vent Pipes

    Safety Links

  • US Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Safety Alerts

    Siding and Stucco

  • Types of Recalled Siding & Claims
  • Masonite Siding Recalls
  • Synthetic Stucco Claims

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