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Performing Thorough Inspections throughout Southeastern PA

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Performing Thorough Inspections throughout Southeastern PA

Sherlock Homes Inspections are available for residential, commercial or new construction properties in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties.

Sherlock Homes – Knowledge and Experience On Your Side

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It starts with the two most important qualities a home inspector can possess - knowledge and experience. Our trained, insured and certified House Detectives have years of hands-on experience in residential construction and historic restoration. Unlike many inspectors, we are experts in construction methods and materials, and we know building codes.

We look for telltale clues of potential problems depending upon the age and location of your home. Our experience helps you learn more about your home, and catches potential problems that less knowledgeable inspectors may miss.

Our inspections exceed all industry standards. Where some inspectors will test only a few windows and receptacles, we check them all. Where many inspectors will not climb roofs, we almost insist on it.

All of this knowledge and experience is reflected in our report which not only identifies problems, but tells you exactly why it is a concern, and suggests possible fixes. We want your report to be something you refer to often, so we write it in plain English, fill it with detailed pictures, and stay on-site until all your questions are answered. We offer it all online so you can share the experience with distant friends and family.

To top it all off, if you are not satisfied with our inspection, you don't pay.

ONE call to Sherlock Homes Inspections covers ALL of your inspection needs.

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